About the founder


Faith Frankenfield is a down to earth product developer with 21 years of hands-on experience in beauty as an aromatherapist, esthetician, and entertainment industry makeup artist. In 2004, inspired by her own struggles with acne and health issues related to anti-acne medications, Faith developed one of the first holistic acne skin care brands with a nutritional focus. The Faith Skin Care system garnered the attention of the beauty industry, and was featured in major publications including Women’s Wear Daily, Women’s Day, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

In October of 2013 Faith launched Faith Aromatherapy, with a portion of proceeds supporting philanthropic causes and redemptive entertainment initiatives. Her motivation was to create a holistic brand that uses the healing qualities of essential oils to address stress related aging. Moving above and beyond organic, Faith Aromatherapy is anti-aging aromatherapeutic, and sustainable bath and body free of synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals, positively benefitting the body, soul, and spirit.

Though focusing on ‘what’s important here and now’, Faith possesses a keen eye for future trends, as she continues to develop innovative products. Faith lives in Santa Barbara, CA and is blessed with a husband and two children, Her passion project, The Pneuma Center for Transformation offers healing prayer, holistic spa and health services, and classes in health and spirituality which she teaches with her husband Jeff.

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