Essential Oil of Elemi

Canarium luzonicum


Family: Burseraceae

Origin: Philippines

Plant description: An evergreen tree that produces fruit the size of plums with nuts inside and sprouts leaves that produce a pale yellow resin

Part of plant used for essential oil: Resin from the leaves

Extraction method: Steam

Main Chemical Constituents: Terpineol (Alcohol) Elemicine (Phenol), Elemol (Sesquiterpene), Dipentene, Limonene, Phellandrene (Terpenes)

PRECAUTIONS: Irritating to sensitive skins

PROPERTIES: Analgesic, Antiviral, Bacteriacide, Balsamic, Expectorant, Fungicide, Tonic, Vulnerary





Immune System: Stimulates the immune system which can be helpful at the start of an illness to fortify the body in fighting disease.

Nervous system:

Mental/Emotional: Instills a feeling of peace with its grounding affect and is useful as a nervine sedative.


Respiratory system: Regulates catarrh symptoms and eases congestion of the lungs by controlling excess mucus.

Urinary system: Helps stem overflow of bodily secretions like perspiration. Has a tonic and clearing affect on the urinary system.

Skin care: Similar to Myrrh, it has a cooling and drying affect on the skin. Helpful for skin ulcers, fungal growths, and infected wounds. Could help balance sebum.


About this essential oil: Popular in Europe since the 25th century, and still employed in medical preparations and pharmceuticals.



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