Frangipani (Red)

Essential Oil of Frangipani, Red (Plumeria rubra)


Family: Apocynaceae

Origin: Native to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America

Plant description: Deciduous shrubs and small trees with flowers that are large, fragrant and red, blooming during summer and fall.

Part of plant used for essential oil: Flowers

Extraction method: Cold press or solvent

Main Chemical Constituents: Alkanoic acids, benzyl salicylate, benzyl benzoate, and 2-phenylethyl benzoate, (e)-nerolidol and geraniol

PRECAUTIONS: There are not very many studies on this oil, however it is an emmenagogue so it is recommended not to use during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or when suffering from any illness.

PROPERTIES: Antiphlogistic, antipruritic, antioxidant, astringent, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, cephalic, emollient,



Circulation/Muscles/Joints: Relieves inflammation, headache, back pain and tinnitus. Relaxes nerves and muscles

Immune System: Reduces fevers

Nervous system: Relaxing to the ANS

Mental/Emotional: Heightens senses and gives a feeling of renewal as it refreshes the mind, and relieves stress.

Reproductive: Aphrodisiac

Skin care: Soothes and softens dry and cracked skin and relieves itching


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