Essential Oil of Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)


Family: Rutaceae

Origin: Originally from Asia, now cultivated in Israel, Brazil, and the USA

Plant description: A glossy-leaved tree about 30 feet high with white flowers and yellow fruits which hang from the trees like large bunches of grapes flattened at the ends.

Part of plant used for essential oil: Peel

Extraction method: Expression/Cold Press

Main Chemical Constituents: Geraniol, Linalool (Alcohol), Citral (Aldehyde), Limonene, Pinene (Terpene)

PRECAUTIONS: Phototoxic- may cause skin irritation if exposed to strong sunlight.

PROPERTIES: Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Aperitif, Diuretic, Disinfectant, Resolvent, Stimulant, Tonic. (TOP NOTE)




Digestive: May have an affect on obesity and water retention. Stimulates bile secretion and helps with digestion of fats., It is also an appetite stimulant. Its dissolving quality could diffuse gallstones and reputedly a liver tonic.

Immune System: High in Vitamin C which makes it beneficial to the immune system.

Nervous system: Has a balancing action on the central nervous system.

Mental/Emotional: Has an overall uplifting and reviving effect, making it valuable in states of stress. Said to be euphoric and slightly hypnotic. Bears a reputation for stabilizing manic-depression. Also mitigates the effects of jet lag, headaches and tiredness.

Reproductive: Said to relieve pre-menstrual tension and uncomfortable feelings during pregnancy.

Circulation: Has a cleansing affect on the vascular system and kidneys.

Skin care: Its diuretic properties can help with cellulite. Helpful for congested and oily skin.

Lymphatic System: A lymphatic stimulant that nourishes the tissue cells and controls liquid processes.


History information: Its origins are from Asia and often grown in the Mediterranean. It is said to result from a hybrid of Orange. The primary commercialism of essential oil was in Florida about 1930 and it is the USA which remains the largest supplier. Popular ingredient in food, cosmetics and perfumes.



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