Essential Oil of Pine (Pinus sylvestris)                                                                


Family: Pinaceae

Origin: Northern Europe, North East Russia and Scandinavia

Plant description: Generally has a reddish bark with needle-like grey-green leaves and orange-yellow flowers

Part of plant used for essential oil: Needles and cones

Extraction method: Steam

Main Chemical Constituents: Borneol (Alcohol), Bornyl acetate, Terpinyl acetate (Esters), Cadinene (Sesquiterpenes), Camphene, Dipentene, Phellandrene, Pinene, Sylvestrene (Terpenes)

PRECAUTIONS: Dwarf Pine (Pinus pumilio), another more toxic species should be avoided. P sylvestris is ok in small doses but can be a skin irritant.

PROPERTIES: Antiphlogistic, antiseptic, balsamic, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, disinfectant, expectorant, restorative, rubefacient, sudoforic, stimulant, tonic.



Circulation/Muscles/Joints: Its warming properties make it great for helping with rheumatism and stimulating circulation. It is helpful in treating sciatica and arthritis. Recommended to use in a compress when these conditions are painful or with muscular pain and stiffness.

Digestive: Gives some relief to intestinal disturbances.

Immune System: A great oil to keep in the diffuser to promote winter wellness for the whole family due to its effect on the respiratory system.

Nervous system: Has a profound effect on profuse sweating and has both a warming and cooling affect depending on the body’s needs.

Mental/Emotional: Good when feeling week or mentally fatigue. Refreshes tired minds and brings feelings of capability. Pine can release negative emotions due to its uplifting, cleansing effect that dispels worry.

Reproductive: An adrenal gland stimulant that revives the body. Helps with leucorrhoea and may have an effect on reducing

Respiratory system: A powerful antiseptic that helps with bronchitis, laryngitis, and influenza. Eases breathlessness and helps clear the sinuses.

Urinary system: General kidney cleanser helping with cystitis, hepatitis, and prostrate problems. Reduces inflammation in the gallbladder and keeps gallstones away.

Skin care: Can be a skin irritant so prolonged use is not recommended. However


About this essential oil: Native Americans used pine to prevent scurvy, and stuffed pine needles in mattresses to repel lice and fleas. Ancient Egyptians used pine kernels in their cooking. It is a refreshing, deodorizing fragrance used to keep homes fresh and clean.



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